Faraday le Soleil EP

by Doctor Barber

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This EP was recorded by Paul!, Brooks, and Boone under the name Faraday le Soleil in the Summer/Fall of 2012 at Tiny Telephone Studios in Sanfranciso, California.


released September 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Doctor Barber Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Guns
It started with a gunfight over who was wrong and who was right when their anthem started fading out.

I was a young boy back then, no taller than my innocence.
We dug our own graves and filled them up with each day because death is a marvelous thing; that is of course, until our own.
That makes me tongue tied.
I guess I'm learning just fine.

And all the while the world twirls at 10-speed snapping visions of the things we'll never see.
Everyone gets lonely and some are far too gone to capture all the colors in the street.

I've grown with heathens mama.
Track Name: Robbers
Turn away, hide your face.
Oh masquerade.
Play the game, choose your name.
Know every grin.
I am, he is.
We are shot to hell and back again.
Robbers scheme waiting for the moon to gleam.
I am more than a man.

Who let you go?
You let yourself go.

So you say you stole from me, well what exactly did you steal?
I've still got that heart and it turns on a wheel but you got cold.
Now you're trying to reason the only reason to give up and fold.
But there's nothing.
It was all in good taste, only partially pretend.
It was innocent first, until you tried it again.
Now you can't even look at yourself in the mirror because every grin ends up the same.

Who let you go?
You let yourself go.
Track Name: Withered Limbs
I nearly lost all my direction as my blue blood fell to the floor.
I noticed every wall was spinning as my withered limbs dried on the windowsill.

Oh it's a tragedy, a sure catastrophe;
My bag of bones in haunted homes.

I say goodnight to all my shadows.
Once the lights go out they head back home.
These circus dreams all but amuse me
As my withered limbs wrap around my pillow sheets.

At the first sign of panic count to ten.

Oh it's a tragedy, a sure catastrophe;
My bag of bones in haunted homes.
Now you've gone and mad a mess of everything
So I'm hiding somewhere I am not.

Woe is the day that my youth washed away..
Track Name: Nervous Love
No one knows that I've been picking up every fallen leaf, every dead dog bone.
Painting only colors that exist in my brain
On the canvas of a city going down
Count to six
Pick up a brick, plant it in the earth
Fancy a fix.
Take a look inside the shadow of your mind
Take a look inside.

All we have found is that all our minds know is nervous love.

We know how to speak but have trouble with telling the truth
It's just there are some things that we've never like talking about.
Track Name: Devil Dog (Demo)
Father did you hear me calling out
That the Devil and I will share a bed tonight
And send curse to the moon as the room becomes a tomb
Because I have chosen this life, a carnal K9 till the death of the Devil Dog.

Mother did your old bones grow to build a bridge to brother?
An arsonist, a hypnotist.
The Devil has leashed my collar.
Now all of the things I once knew are claimed by the fire.